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Happinet Reveals 2nd ‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ Anime Season Part 2 Blu-ray Release Packaging

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Check out the latest on the home video release!
© Hiroyuki Kodansha / Kanojo Mo Kano Production Committee 2021

The fall 2023 anime adaptation of the manga series Kanojo mo Kanojo, aka She’s a Girlfriend Too, is getting its home video releases handled by Happinet in Japan. For the first season, the distributor has set a four-volume release for this twelve-episode series that began release on both DVD and Blu-ray. They’ll be priced at 8,000 yen per volume on DVD and 9,000 yen per volume on Blu-ray.

The second season has changed things up by dropping the DVD side and going for two Blu-ray sets with six episodes per set that are priced at 18,000 yen.

With a couple of days to go for the second release, we now have the packaging for it which expands on things nicely. Check out the schedule and known details below.

Satoshi Kuwabara is directing it based on the scripts coming from Keiichiro Ochi. Akiko Toyoda is handling the character designs with Tezuka Productions working on the animation itself.

The Japanese cast includes Junya Enoki as Naoya Mukai, Ayane Sakura as Saki Saki, Azumi Waki as Nagisa Minase, Ayana Taketatsu as Rika Hoshizaki, and Rie Takahashi as Shino Kiryū.

The manga comes from creator Hiroyuki who has created series such as Aho Girl and The Comic Artist and His Assistants as well as older projects like Doujin Work. The new series launched in March 2020 and has just one volume to its name.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Naoya just got a girlfriend, the gorgeous Saki-chan, and though their intensities often pit them against each other like ice and fire, they’re totally, uncontrollably in love with each other. He vows never to cheat…when out of the blue he receives another confession! Nagisa’s cute, sweet, and she’s made him lunch to boot! He knows he can’t cheat, but he can’t let a cutie like this get away…so he does the logical(?) thing: Asks Saki for permission to date them both! The confidence! The arrogance! The very gall! No matter the outcome, Naoya’s future will be lively!

Season 1 Date Extras
1 10/06/21 Booklet, Audio Commentary (Episode 1), Promo
2 11/05/21 Booklet, Audio Commentary (Episode 5), Promo
3 12/03/21 Booklet, Audio Commentary (Episode 9), Promo
4 01/07/22 Booklet, Audio Commentary (Episode 11)
Season 2 Date Extras
1 02/02/24 Booklet, Audio Commentary, Clean Opening, Clean Closing
2 03/06/24 Booklet, Audio Commentary, Promos

Second Season Covers:

Girlfriend Girlfriend S2 Japanese Part 2 Packaging
Girlfriend Girlfriend S2 Japanese Part 1 Cover
Girlfriend Girlfriend S2 Japanese Part 1 Packaging
Girlfriend Girlfriend S2 Japanese Part 2 Cover

First Season Covers:

Girlfriend Girlfriend Japanese Volume 4 Cover
Girlfriend Girlfriend Japanese Volume 4 Packaging
Girlfriend Girlfriend Japanese Volume 3 Cover
Girlfriend Girlfriend Japanese Volume 2 Packaging
Girlfriend Girlfriend Japanese Volume 2 Cover
Girlfriend Girlfriend Ep Japanese Volume 1 Packaging
Girlfriend Girlfriend Japanese Volume 1 Cover

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