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‘Chikai no Kiss wa Cancel Fuka ni Tsuki’ Manga From Nana Ootomo Launches

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© Kodansha, Ootomo Nana

A new manga series has launched this week in Japan with the Chikai no Kiss wa Cancel Fuka ni Tsuki property. It comes from creator Nana Ootomo and has debuted in the 89th installment of Ane Friend. Check out the official site here.

This is the fifth series from Ootomo whose published career began in 2011 with Suki, Kirai… demo Suki and they recently wrapped up the 2018 manga series Omatase Shimashita, Hatsukoi desu.

Plot Concept: Romance between a woman working as a wedding planner. After almost getting fired for another canceled wedding, she hooks up with a handsome guy. But on the next day, she’s shocked to learn that he’s a wealthy conglomerate son and on top her next customer. The only way to save herself from getting fired is by agreeing to fake a marriage ceremony with this daring guy.

[Source: MangaMoguraRE]

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