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‘Saigo no Restaurant’ Manga Ends With Final Volume Solicited

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Another manga series has drawn to a close this week with the final chapter of Saigo no Restaurant arriving. The latest issue of Monthly Comic Bunch has brought it to a close with the April 2024 installment. The 23rd and final volume of the compiled series will arrive in June 2024.

The manga began in 2011 by Michihiko Touei in the magazine and is not available in English. Touei’s first published work was in 2004 with the Concierge manga and they have half a dozen other properties as well.

Plot Concept: Sonoba Shinogu is the owner and chef of a restaurant called “Heaven’s Door,” an ordinary and not very popular restaurant. He has two part-time workers who dress as maids, Maeda Atari and Ariga Chie.

Through some weird quirk, famous people from throughout history start arriving as customers. These people are transported through time and space to Heaven’s Door, just before their deaths, and Shinogu has to figure out how to satisfy their order for their last meals.

Famous visitors include Japanese historical figures, like Oda Nobunaga and Ryoma Sakamoto, as well as foreigners like Marie Antoinette.

[Source: MangaMoguraRe]

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