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One Piece Episode #1095 Anime Review

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One Piece does some good stuff in balancing out the split crew approach, not something it does well in the grand scheme of things
© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha · Fuji Television · Toei Animation

“The Brain of a Genius – Six Vegapunks!”

What They Say:
Nami and the others are attacked by a Pacifista who resembles Jimbei and while they’re in battle, some of Vegapunk’s Satellites look on with excitement. Meanwhile, Luffy and the others find something extraordinary at the scrap heap.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The fun of the Nami side of the Straw Hat crew going through experiencing the island – in a quicker fashion – was a lot of fun the last time around. Getting them all on board with what’s going on and costumed up delivered some solid stuff, even if we end up with some skimpy outfits once again that are both expected and still somewhat frustrating. Robin in particular just made me laugh that they went that far, to be honest, but not really surprising. And while you can probably justify it on some level with some tropical heat kind of thing in the region, seeing others so heavily decked out in their outfits kind of points to the lie of that. Either way, it’s just a somewhat tiring trope that has to be employed for fanservice and I’m already tired of talking about it in the grand scale of things with this show, though it had to be noted for this new arc.

The opening half of the episode focuses on Nami’s group as they deal with the seraphim that the Vegapunk folks have dropped in with them. They’re excited to see how such variable people as the Straw Hats can get it to learn more and be better at what it does and it’s certainly getting a lot of variety. Between what Robin is capable of when she gets angry here and Franky’s beam being quite the surprise, it’s a high-powered pushback that the Vegapunk side wasn’t expecting. And while it does push back against the seraphim that looks like Jimbei to the gang’s confusion at first, it’s still not enough to actually stop it. Amusingly, the pushback just makes some on the Vegapunk side even angrier over it and ramps things up, even though the Thinker Vegapunk doesn’t want to because the Seraphim is still basically a child in their eyes and is simply trying to learn.

The back half of the episode spends some time getting us to know more of the various Vegapunk members, such as York and the like, but it’s already feeling overstuffed in a way I’m not caring for at the moment so I’m just waiting until things start to diverge and things take shape. What helps is when the 01 designated Vegapunk shows up and tries to smooth things out by revealing themselves as “Good” Vegapunk, aka Shaka. They come across as the most normal even with the mask and it’s kind of amusing because of that. What’s interesting is what’s teased as they talk with Shaka as he reveals that this island is from the past, that elements of this are from almost a thousand years ago and it feels like the Vegapunk folks are just unearthing and exploring it in trying to make it useful in the here and now. That adds more mystery to the greater past of this world that I hope gets touched upon as the storyline progresses.

In Summary:
There are a lot of hints of the bigger events in this episode and the foundation is being laid out well for the storyline, small piece by small piece in classic One Piece tradition. It’s enjoyable and fun with good action, some serious moments for the Straw Hats, I’m sure the various Vegapunks will all get their time in the spotlight as time goes on but right now it’s the usual storyline design – a lot of new characters being introduced and I’m already feeling overwhelmed by it. I’m looking forward to when we get to see them branch off and become their own thing but I’m enjoying the weirdness of it all and the teases and hints of what’s going on here. The Straw Hats are the real draw and they prove to be enjoyable here once again.

Grade: B+

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