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‘Kyaba-Jou Dakedo JD ni Otosaremashita’ Manga By Suika Amazaki Ends

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A yuri comedy about the struggles of a cabaret girl who is attracted to a poor college student!
© Kadokawa, Amazaki Suika

Add another manga series that is about to draw to a close with the Kyaba-Jou Dakedo JD ni Otosaremashita property revealing that it has ended with the latest installment of Comic Cune. The series from Suika Amazaki wrapped up with the April 2024 dated installment and the single collected volume will arrive on March 27th, 2024.

The property began in 2023 in Comic Cune from Media Factory and is the fourth property from the creator after debuting in 2021 with To Meet You Again. 

Plot Concept: Izumimori Yuki, who works at a cabaret club in Tokyo, hates being poor due to an incident in her childhood, and spends her days earning money by using her own customer service skills. One day, after drinking too much at a work event, she wakes up in an old apartment… and the person she spent the night with was a poor college student named Hotaru Kitakata.

Yuki is shocked to find out that she is with a girl, but she can’t help but be attracted to the pure-hearted Hotaru…

“I thought life was all about money after all…!”

[Source: MangaMoguraRE]

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