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AniMoon Publishing Reveals ‘Golden Time’ Anime German Dub Clip With Jodie Blank As Chinami Oka

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With the complete collections for Golden Time on Blu-ray seemingly out of print for a bit now, Sentai Filmworks revealed this past spring that they're looking to give the 2013 anime series some new attention with a new dub being produced for it.
© Yuyuko Takemiya / ASCII Media Works / Omaken

With the complete collections for Golden Time on Blu-ray out awhile ago on the North American side, the German side is getting some new attention with a new dub produced for it. AniMoon Publishing has a four-volume release getting underway on Blu-ray in mediabook form with sets priced at 40 euro each with the first one coming in at 45 euro. Each set comes with six episodes in bilingual form and this new clip focuses on Jodie Blank as Chinami Oka. Check out the dub clip and previous teaser trailer below.

The German cast includes:

  • Samina König as Nana Hayashida
  • Tim Schwarzmaier as Banri Tada
  • Vincent Fallow as Mitsuo Yanagisawa
  • Samina König as Linda
  • Patrick Keller as 2D-Boy

The series, focusing on college-age characters struggling with real emotions, is based on the light novel series of the same name by Yuyuko Takemiya and Eji Komatsu. The series wrapped up with eleven volumes on March 8th, 2014. A new visual novel game was released in 2014 and the anime adaptation by JC Staff was licensed by Sentai Filmworks for home video release.

Series German-dubbed trailer:

Plot Concept: Banri Tada has seen his share of trouble, but now he’s leaving that behind him and entering law school. Or that was the plan, but on the first day of class, he finds himself lost and wandering. Fortunately, while trying to resolve his predicament, he meets Mitsuo, a fellow law student, and together they head to class. Only to be suddenly confronted with a beautiful woman who, much to Banri’s surprise, slaps Mitsuo in the face with a bouquet of roses. She’s Koko Kaga, Mitsuo’s self-appointed future bride. He may have new friends, but if Banri thought his problems were over, he’ll have to cross-examine his conclusion. Together they’ll juggle life, love and more than a little drama.