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Square Enix Manga Acquires ‘Always A Catch!’ Manga For Print & Digital Release

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How I Punched My Way into Marrying a Prince

Square Enix Manga has picked up another property for release with print and digital editions coming with Always A Catch! The series comes from writer Mayo Momoyo and artist Kaki Nagato which began in 2022 as serialized on Manga Up! for Square Enix proper. The series is slotted for its first volume to arrive in November 2024 coming in at 192 pages priced at $7.99 digitally and $12.99 in print. It has five volumes out so far in Japan and is known originally as Nigashita Sakana wa Ookikatta ga, Tsuriageta Sakana ga Ookisugita Ken, which is translated as The Fish I Missed Was Big, but I Caught Another Fish Was Too Big.

The series is Momoyo’s first work though 2023 also saw them put out Fukigen na Koushaku-sama wa Uso Hakkenki Tsuki Reijou no Torisetsu wo Goshomou desu with Ore Deka in Comic Ride ivy for Micro Magazine. The property is Nagato’s second work after the 2018 series Isourou♀ wa Tsugai wo Sagashite imasu! which ran for almost thirty chapters in Comic Japan.

Plot Concept: Maria, the daughter of a duke, grew up believing she would one day inherit her father’s dukedom. Accordingly, she focused her attentions on honing her martial arts prowess, while thoughts of marriage fell by the wayside. But the arrival of a baby brother in her family means she’s losing her role as heir! Now that she’s decided it’s time to marry after all, she’s arrived a little late to the game! Are there even any eligible bachelors left?

Upon going to study abroad in a neighboring country where she might still stand a chance at getting hitched, she’s bewildered when the crown prince there declares before all that his engagement to her is null and void! Wait…what engagement?! Apparently, he’s mistaken her for the wrong girl! But once that’s all cleared up and he catches sight of her knocking out a whole pack of bandits, it turns out that this prince may have a thing for ass-kicking young ladies after all…

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