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Manga Up! Adds ‘Aizawa-san Multiplies’ In English

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Mizutani Souta is confessed to by the school's famous frail beauty Aizawa Shino. Then came another one of her! And another! And another!
Seiichi Shiki/SQUARE ENIX

The Manga Up! service has added a new title to its ranks in English with the Aizawa-san Multiplies series now available on the service. The series previously appeared on Crunchyroll when they offered manga digitally.

The series, known originally as Aizawa-san Zōshoku, comes from Seiichi Shiki, which began in 2013 as serialized in Gangan Online for Square Enix. It ran for five volumes total and is complete.

Plot Concept: Shiho Aizawa is known to be an expressionless, mysterious, and fragile beauty. Our protagonist, Souta Mizutani, receives a sudden confession from her. But following this event, another Shino Aizawa appears… Twins…? No…Doppelgangers! See their relationships blossom in this fantasy rom-com!

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