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Mai Narumi Joins The ‘Giji Harem’ TV Anime

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© 斉藤ゆう / 小学館 / 疑似ハーレム製作委員会

With a season to be revealed, a new anime adaptation has been announced in April 2023 with the Giji Harem manga. The show has Toshihiro Kikuchi as the director working from the series composition by Yuko Kakihara. Yoshhisa Sato is handling the character designs with animation production being done at studio Nomad.

With it being a bit since the last update, the production has now expanded the cast a little bit by revealing that Ayaka Nanakura will be played by Mai Narumi.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Eiji Kitahama
  • Saori Hayami as Rin Nanakura
  • Mai Narumi as Ayaka Nanakura

The manga comes from Yu Saito which began in 2018 on Twitter and is serialized in Monthly Shonen Sunday for Shogakukan. The manga wrapped up in 2021 with six volumes.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: The story deals with Eiji, a second-year high school student and a member of his school’s drama club as a stagehand. He meets Rin, a first-year high school student and a member of the same drama club. Rin serves as the long-awaited hope of the club.

Previous promos and visuals:

© 斉藤ゆう / 小学館 / 疑似ハーレム製作委員会
© 斉藤ゆう / 小学館 / 疑似ハーレム製作委員会
© 斉藤ゆう / 小学館 / 疑似ハーレム製作委員会


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