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Gushing Over Magical Girls Episode #08 Anime Review

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© 小野中彰大 / 竹書房/魔法少女にあこがれて製作委員会

“Here Comes the Lord Squad!”

What They Say:
After recent battles with Enormita, Azure wonders why she can’t keep her head on straight. Stealing time for herself, she finds herself in a compromised situation.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The cold open for this brings us to an interesting place as Venalita is trying to get Hiiragi to go back to the Nacht Base. With everything that’s gone on lately and what Hiiragi is having to deal with she’s not exactly keen but there’s always been this edge about Venalita where it’s not clear that Hiiragi or anyone else could stand up to them. Not that Hiiragi is that type at the moment as it’ll take a specific situation for her to show the kind of backbone necessary, and that makes for an interesting power imbalance between the two that can be exploited well. Her journey is playing out alongside some interesting moments with the Tres Magia girls as Azure is trying to explain to them what she’s going through but is, amusingly enough, getting quite overheated by talking about how she got dominated by Hiiragi the other day.

While we’ve had small additions to the cast overall, this one expands things in a big way quickly with the formal introduction of the Lord Squad when our core trio are brought to Nacht Base and get to meet the founding members that Venalita hadn’t really told Hiiragi and the others about. They’ve been off on a magical hunt and have eliminated a lot of magical girls during that time. And, of course, they’re not pleased by how pathetic Hiiragi and the others have done because they’re not actually eliminating any threats. And Hiiragi in particular seems to just play with her opponents in their eyes rather than hunt them down and eliminate them. But as the discussion goes on, we see how intent they are but also that they may not realize that Venalita has more power in all of this than they understand. It basically comes down to the founding group taking all of this very seriously while Hiiragi and the others are just having fun. Perverted fun, but fun nonetheless since Hiiragi in particular truly does love magical girls.

While there’s some minor action and oddness to the Lord Squad in how they’re presented here, what we get is the Venalita has been using the time that they’re away in order to build this new group to eliminate those that they’re losing control over. And Hiiragi’s not exactly keen on that. So having that storyline play alongside Azure trying to train with the other two pushing her to do better gives you the idea that both teams are going to have to work together by the end of the season in order to fight against the Lord Squad. That’s not a bad approach to take and in the short term we get to see how Hiiragi and her group work together more and bond more. Korisu in particular feels more useful here and that they’ve bonded together better as a trio. Especially as they’re now having to deal with the Lord Squad showing up separately to cause trouble while calling out the Tres Magia girls to try and eliminate them.

In Summary:
The path for the next few episodes is set here and we even get a one-off fight from one of the Lord Squad that has Aragi going against her. And we get to see the “explicit” punishment that’s meted out when she loses. The show has to find its way to pervy material somehow and this certainly does it with a little heavy material. I’m curious to see how it goes overall as they’ve made the Lord Squad pretty intense from the start with a leader that will definitely not gain a lot of fans with how the series has gone so far. But it provides for some real villainy instead of the kind of faux-villain material that Hiiragi and the others have been. Not surprising but decently executed and has me curious to see how far it will all go.

Grade: B+

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