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‘Oi! Tonbo’ TV Anime Debuts New Promo With Premiere Date

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© かわさき健 / 古沢優 / オーイ!とんぼ製作委員会

The release of the 44th volume of the Oi! Tonbo manga back in May 2023  revealed that an anime adaptation is in the works for it. The project previously set a spring 2024 debut with OLM handling the animation production and now as the winter season moves on we’ve got a new promo that also reveals an April 6th, 2024 debut for it. Check it and previous promos out below.

The show has Jin Gu Oh directing it from the series composition by Mitsutaka Hirota. Akira Takeuchi is on board for the character designs for it.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Hiroki Tōchi as Kazuyoshi Igarashi
  • Rika Hayashi as Tonbo Ōi

The opening theme song is from Sacre e sole with “Habatake” while TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI will perform the ending theme song “Let’s Swing.”

The manga from Ken Kawasaki and Fu Furusawa began in 2014.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: The story begins with Igarashi, who was disqualified as a pro golfer after a certain “incident” and thus moves to Kagoshima Prefecture’s Tokara Islands to step out of the limelight. On these islands known as “Japan’s last unexplored wilderness,” he encounters a naive girl named Tonbo.

As it turns out, these supposedly unexplored islands have a homemade golf course, where Tonbo plays every day. She demonstrates genius-level prowess, playing every kind of shot with just one golf club, a 3-iron. Igarashi is amazed at Tonbo’s talent, even as he harbors doubts about her only using a 3-iron. Yet, hidden deep in Tonbo’s heart lies a painful, sad past ….

Previous promos and visuals:

© かわさき健 / 古沢優 / オーイ!とんぼ製作委員会


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