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A Sign Of Affection Episode #07 Anime Review

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The main story is thoroughly engaging, leaving me craving more once again.
© 森下suu / 講談社 / ゆびさきと恋々製作委員会

“Let me introduce you to my girlfriend”

What They Say:
Yuki Itose is just a typical student dealing with the pressures of college. She is struggling one day on the train when an upperclassman named Itsuomi Nagi helps her out. As he gradually opens a new world to her, Yuki develops feelings for Itsuomi. A pure love story begins to grow.

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
As the series crosses the halfway mark we get to an interesting point with it at the start that comes from two very different lifestyles. Itsuomi’s travel is underway and while the two have gotten close and have formalized things in regards to each other, this is the first time since then that he’s away for a while as he’s gone to Cambodia. Thankfully, it’s the modern world even with reception being what it is and the two can talk from time to time. And she does need some dialogue as she’s trying to find a job and running into some of the usual problems that comes from being deaf, especially in a post-COVID world with masking and the like making it hard to read lips, obviously. Even Rin’s gotten some work in a nearby office that’s stressing her out just a little bit.

While she gets a ton of rejections along the way, especially since a lot of people struggle with accommodations, she lucks out a bit thanks to Oushi as he’s able to connect her with someone that could use her because of the sign language element at a nursing home. Amusingly, the dialogue with Oushi present ends up leading into some awkward stuff about the relationship she has with Oushi and the usual kinds of misunderstandings. When he reveals that he may be looking to become a sign language interpreter as his field, she praises him and oh my god does he melt at that. It’s understandable how he’s struggling with his feelings toward her and knowing how things are going with Itsuomi and that makes for some heartbreaking things he shouldn’t be asking but can’t help himself about. And with someone who doesn’t understand what he’s really asking. It doesn’t help that Oushi is just so dismissive of Itsuomi as that just hurts him with Yuki overall.

Thankfully, the back half of the episode brings Itsuomi back to Japan and that has all kinds of awkwardness since she doesn’t quite know how to behave. But he’s able to cut through things with a kiss that absolutely shocks her because she misread his lips. And it became her first kiss at that, which at last means something here. His return also signals a change in their relationship because now that they’re dating and truly together, it means things like going out to other places to eat and spending time together. It’s a lot for her to take in and she definitely enjoys it as they two of them continue to find a balance for how all of this is going to work. And part of that comes with him wanting to introduce her to Shin since he’s such a good friend but she struggles with meeting new people because of her hearing. Itsuomi does all the right things to set her mind at ease and I love the way that he’s mostly green flags throughout the relationship so far.

In Summary:
The series continues to be a real highlight of the season for me and is raising the bar high when it comes to what I want out of romantic dramas in the world of anime in 2024. It’ll be hard for others to achieve what this one is doing as it’s hitting such a strong spot in delivering a good cast of characters, interesting dynamics, and beautiful animation throughout. The pacing is what’s really helping it the most and I just keep falling more and more in love with the property as a whole. Yes, I do want more time with Rin and Kyouka to be sure, but there’s so much to like here and love.

Grade: B+

Streamed By: Crunchyroll

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