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New ‘Planaria Human’ Manga Launches From Taguchi Hajime & Kitano Hiromu

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Who's ready to start the new year off with some new body horror manga?

The Kurage Bunch Web manga site has launched a new property to keep an eye on with Planaria Human. The work comes from creators Taguchi Hajime and Kitano Hiromu where Taguchi recently wrapped up their first property with the ten-volume series 3 Inch that began in 2018 in Ura Sunday. Kitano made their debut in the Sword Art Online Comic Anthology back in 2013 and followed that up with Rengoku Game in 2015 that ran for six volumes.

Check out the first installment here.

Plot Concept: One day, people turned into “planarian humans” and started attacking people. If you become a “planarian human”, even if you cut off your limbs, they will regenerate, and your body will grow by the amount you cut off. How do ordinary humans face “planarian humans”? Panic horror between humans and former humans.

[Source: MangaMogura]

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