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Komagome Pipi Launches ‘Lalalabo ☆ Gal to Kagaku to Seishun to!’ Manga

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A new Gal Scientist Campus Comedy Manga Series!
© Shogakukan, Komagome Pipi

A new manga series has launched with the slice-of-life comedy Lalalabo ☆ Gal to Kagaku to Seishun to! from Komagome Pipi. The new series has launched on Manga One Web for Shogakukan and is, from what I can tell, the first formal property from the creator.

Check out the first chapter here.

Plot ConceptLala Mizusawa is often misunderstood due to her girly appearance and high energy, but she is a third-year science student (Department of Biology, Faculty of Science) who aspires to become a great scientist! I work with experimental equipment day and night… cultivate bacteria…sometimes I have hot pot parties and travel with Karoi Naito and Toki Busujima from the same lab…I’m enjoying campus life♪ Both science and non-science people can laugh and have fun. , it’s educational!

[Source: MangaMoguraRE]

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