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HIDIVE Brings Back ‘My Love Story!!’ Anime Streaming Today

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Takeo Goda is a big guy with a big heart, but his looks scare off the girls he likes!

My Love Story LE UKSentai Filmworks brought out their release of the My Love Story!! series in a big and beautiful premium edition release back in May 2017 but our hearts still pine for Takeo and Rinko and all that they went through. With fond memories in mind, HIDIVE is looking to bring this romance into our lives for the holidays as the complete twenty-four-episode series is going live on the service once again today at 12:00 pm EST. It’ll be in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

The anime series ran for twenty-four episodes and was directed by Morio Asaka at Madhouse with Natsuko Takahashi handling the scripts. Character designs were done by Kunihiko Hamada.

The Japanese cast includes Takuya Eguchi as Takeo Gōda, Megumi Han as Rinko Yamato, Nobunaga Shimazaki as Makoto Sunakawa, Kikuko Inoue as Ai Sunakawa, Daisuke Namikawa as Hayato Oda, Kazuyo Aoki as Yuriko Gouda, Tesshou Genda as Yutaka Gouda, Osamu Kurihara as Junya Enoki, Rina Kitagawa as Nanako, Rena Maeda as Mariya Saijo and Ai Kayano as Yukika Amami.

The manga series comes from writer Kazune Kawahara and artist Aruko which began in 2011 and wrapped up in 2016 with thirteen volumes. Viz Media began releasing the series last summer digitally and in print. Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series for home video release in North America.

Plot concept: Takeo Goda’s hulking physique and affinity for sports make him popular with other guys, but girls just find him intimidating. Unaware of his gentle nature, the girls that Takeo likes always seem to fall for his handsome best friend, Makoto, instead. Takeo is resigned to being Makoto’s wingman, with no hard feelings between them, until Takeo rescues Rinko Yamato from a molester on the train. Unfortunately, while Rinko might see past Takeo’s brutish appearance, Takeo’s become so conditioned to girls preferring Makoto that he assumes Rinko is the same! Being the good, genuine guy he is, he’s going to do everything he can to help the two of them be happy. Will Takeo let himself believe someone likes him? Love isn’t blind: it’s just a little dense in MY LOVE STORY!!