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Bandai Namco Film Works Reveals Original ‘Space Battleship Yamato’ New Blu-ray Re-releases Packaging

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The folks at Bandai Namco Film Works are looking to monetize an older property once again – though they’ve got a dwindling fanbase for it to some degree – with the original Space Battleship Yamato series. The new set was revealed previously and is priced at 35,000 yen and saw a November 22nd, 2023 release. It’ll include the full original twenty-six episode run plus 33 minutes of bonus materials. It’ll be in Japanese only and have a 36-page booklet included. Several audio commentaries are included as well.

With the set out recently, we missed getting the packaging spread up and available but are correcting that now with this slick minimalist approach below.

The 1974 TV series was directed by Leiji Matsumoto with character designs by Nobuhiro Okasako.

The Japanese cast includes Gorō Naya as Jūzō Okita, Kei Tomiyama as Susumu Kodai, and Youko Asagami as Yuki Mori.

Plot Concept: 2199 AD. The Earth is on the brink of destruction after being attacked by the mysterious interstellar nation of Garmillas. Radioactive contamination from planetary bombs spread all over the surface of the earth, and was undermining human beings who escaped to underground cities. When the Earth Defense Force is defeated and all hope is lost, a message from Starsha, the queen of the planet Iskandar, arrives. Iskandar is said to have a radioactivity removal device, Cosmo Cleaner D, that will save the Earth from destruction. Equipped with Iskandar’s technology, the Wave Engine, the space battleship Yamato carries the dreams and hopes of mankind and travels 148,000 light years away.

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