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‘A Journey Through Another World’ Light Novels Getting Anime Adaptation

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© Shizuru Minazuki / Alphapolis / Yururi Project

The light novel to anime adaptation path continues to bear fruit as the A Journey Through Another World property is now in the works for a 2024 debut. The light novels come from writer Shizuru Minazukui which began in 2017 with illustrations by Yamakawa. The ongoing series has fifteen volumes out so far and a manga adaptation by Tomomi Mizuna.

The anime adaptation has Atsushi Nigorikawa directing it at EMT Squared.

The Japanese cast includes:

  •  Aina Suzuki as Allen
  • Miharu Hanai as Elena

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Due to a mistake by a god, Takumi Kayano loses his life and is reincarnated. Bestowed with various skills, he finds himself transported to another world – a perilous forest infested with monsters. In that forest, Takumi discovers what appears to be a twin young boy and girl, whom he names Allen and Elena, and takes them under his protection. Despite being surprised by the two effortlessly defeating monsters with their martial arts skills, Takumi eventually reaches a town and registers with the adventurer’s guild to make a living. Thus begins a laid-back adventurer’s life as Takumi watches over the growth of Allen and Elena!

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