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The Weekly TV, Movie, & Games Discussion Post For Week Of November 26th, 2023

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Take look at the shows we've covered, games we're playing, and movies we're watching this week that may not show up elsewhere on the site.

We’re heading into the final months of 2023 and it’s a different world to be sure due to the actors and writers’ strikes as there won’t be a broadcast season for the most part, unless you’re interested in game and variety shows. The streaming side offers us a bit more material that was in the hopper already so we’re definitely good other.

With the holidays coming up we’re moving into our romance drama craziness as I’ve got far too much of an affection for such things. But we’ve also wrapped up shows like Doom Patrol and Loki among others. There are a few shows we’re watching weekly as well that we aren’t doing full articles for to talk about.

While I had watched some of the original Orphan Black series when it first aired, I fell out of it along the way and never finished. But I was curious to see what this sequel was like as I’m a fan of Krysten Ritter and I like the idea that this takes place a few decades later into the future which allows it to play with things more and to draw on the original cast in interesting ways from time to time. I’ve seen the first couple of episodes so far and it’s certainly got some interesting quirks about it and Ritter, as always, makes for a good screen presence as she carries this character well. Some elements still feel like older syndicate scripting pieces and there are areas where you wish the characters would act a bit less dumb, but it’s pretty solid for the most part and has a good energy as it manages to keep moving forward piece by piece rather than feeling like it’s incredibly drawn out.

Next up is Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. While the 2014 film isn’t one that won me over in a big way I’ve enjoyed the films that have come since and this series is right up my alley. The first couple of episodes were certainly fun but the show has managed to infuse something extra into it with Kurt Russell’s character taking a stronger place in the third episode. There’s a lot of fun to it as we see how he has this kind of infectious energy as he gets the gang moving from place to place and draws on decades of connections. Getting out of his forced retirement and confinement means it’s one last ride for this old soldier and there’s an amusing nod to how old he must be. You know there’s some fudging up of it all based on past events in Monarch research but I like the way he messes with things with the kids he’s operating with. And it has some great connections back to the past as we see Wyatt Russell playing the younger version of him and trying to manage Keiko and Billy as they attempt to do some real research. The sequence with the original drawing out of Godzilla is great in particular as we get such a good sense of scale here.

Getting a bit further into the fourth season of For All Mankind, the third episode of the fourth season is a lot of fun in different ways. I’ll admit I’m particularly drawn to watching how this coup has unfolded in Russia and the reworking of historical events while Margot is caught up in it because she, once again, simply can’t listen to the good advice of others. Such as staying home in the middle of a coup. Less interesting is bringing Dev back into things, no matter how expected it was, and the TV-simple execution of a hostile takeover of Helios allows for Kelly and Aleida to likely reshape how the company operates. There can be no trust of Dev, however. The Happy Valley storyline is progressing pretty well as we see Miles getting caught up in making money doing the black market thing and making unexpected inroads with the North Koreans which did at least make me laugh and that it made sense. I’m hopeful that Ed’s story is drawing down and that while it won’t be good for Kelly, that he goes out in the way that he wants considering how much he’s lost and sacrificed for these grand visions.

Sticking from last week, Kevin has a look at the new feature film The Tunnel of Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes. ““The Tunnel of Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes” was directed by Tomohisa Taguchi. He previously directed a couple of Persona movies (based on the popular video game series) and has also managed to direct a Digimon movie at the same time (why, these two movies might be playing in the same multiplex, making a double feature doable). Though it was harder to judge him as a director when he was working with franchises, in this case, he is adapting a light novel and doing so in a way that is his vision. He appears to have a gift for making big ideas digestible, and the direction is confident and not overstuffed. “The Tunnel of Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes” is a wonderful film that hints a new superstar director may be in the making, and hopefully he’ll waste no time showing up what more he can do in the future.

Check out the full review.

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