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‘What If…?’ Gets 2nd Season Trailer & Premiere Date

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The latest episode is live and you can discuss it here!

The launch phase of the Marvel material on Disney+ worked with a few live-action series first but it also dove into things with the What If…? animated series – which is definitely being considered a part of the larger MCU. With a ten-episode first season and another nine-episode season scheduled, we also learned this past summer that a third season is coming.

Now, things are finally progressing again when it comes to the second season as it’s been scheduled for a December 22nd, 2023 premiere with episodes being released daily over nine days. Check out the new extended trailer below for it.

The Disney+ series is directed by Bryan Andrews and created by A.C. Bradley for streaming. It features Jeffery Wright as the voice of Uatu, a member of an advanced alien race known as the Watchers. His character provides the narration for a range of alternative realities where things play out differently. In Marvel Studios style, however, it has a massive voice cast from the films themselves including the late Chadwick Boseman, Josh Brolin, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Hayley Atwell, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Paul Rudd, Sebastian Stan, and Taika Waititi.

Plot Concept: The series explores what would happen if major moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe occurred differently.

Previous season trailer: