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The Oddly Pedestrian Life Of Christopher Chaos #5 Review

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At times, it kind of reminds me more of the Preacher TV series than anything else

Creative Staff:
Story: James Tynion IV / Script: Tate Brombal
Art: Isaac Goodhart
Colors: Miquel Muerto
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar

What They Say:
Christopher, Dracula Boy, and Viv take refuge in a bizarre church and explore the subterranean boulevards of New Briar City, where the mysterious giant reveals secrets of monsterkind.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Having enjoyed a number of James Tynion IV’s work previously, but not coming completely on board just yet with all of their stuff, this series has the story by him with Tate Brombal handling the script. I’ve enjoyed a few of Brombal’s other works in the last few years and they definitely put together a solid opening issue here to get us engaged with the character and basically perform a solid informational introduction. The artwork brings on Isaac Goodhart for it and they definitely capture a distinctive look for it, especially with Miquel Muerto’s color work and the pop of our leading character’s hair and outfit, but they also put out some dynamic action pages while making the dialogue comes across quite well and engaging – in no small thanks to Aditya Bidkar.

With the next issue being the one that should wrap things up, this installment provides for a bit of action and then a whole lot of exposition. Which is interesting but further makes this feel like a radically different project from what started things off. The initial piece is decent as we get the local cops now trying to storm the church where the kids and Adam Frankenstein are and it goes as badly as you’d think. Adam is mostly just doing his own thing, which isn’t going over well with most of the group because it’s just so much uncertainty, but we see some pushback outside as well from some of the locals against what the cops are doing. It’s mostly just a holding action at best, however, and we know that the main thing that will come down on Chaos and the rest will be the Helwing family, which starts to make more overt moves in this installment.

The bulk of the issue focuses on Adam leading the group down into the basement and access to the world of monsters that exists underground. Confirming his lineage and connection to Dracula as well, Adam covers a lot of ground of how he came over here to the new world early on and spent tim e building this place which then attracted a lot of monsters over the years. But we also see how things fell apart with them thanks to the Helwing group and has led to it being largely empty. At the same time, we see Dracula Boy angry about being so disconnected from his heritage while Chaos just takes it all in. There is a lot of explaining going on here from Adam and it does flesh things out, but it again feels like it’s so different from the opening premise of the book. And it’s more like a history lesson at times mixed in with some soccer just because. Of course, the installment has to end with the group being discovered because of a foolish action but you can see how there’ll be an attempt possibly to win and then open all of this up to the world to know about as a world below our own.

In Summary:
I still feel like I’m not sure what kind of book this series wants to be. It leaned a bit more into some of the usual quirky not-real-superhero stuff at first but now it’s all World of Monsters stuff. Which append more when Helwing first showed up anyway but going with Adam Frankenstein just goes all in as he explains about how all the stories are just elaborate lies to hide their truth. It’s a familiar refrain and we get a lot of exposition and interesting material here but it comes at the cost of forward momentum. There’s a lot of relaxed material throughout this – even a little soccer – and obliviousness from Viv that’s about to get them all killed as well. It’s interesting but I’m not sure what kind of book it’s trying to be and how well it’s executing this style.

Grade: C+

Age Rating: 13+
Released By: Dark Horse Comics
Release Date: November 15th, 2023
MSRP: $3.99