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One Piece Episode #1083 Anime Review

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I'm excited to see what's next since it's bringing back one of my favorites from the Impel Down storyline.
© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha · Fuji Television · Toei Animation

“The World That Moves On! A New Organization, Cross Guild”

What They Say:
Momonosuke and Hiyori are happy to see their grandfather who was supposed to be dead and the Straw Hats are surprised when Robin tells them about Pluton the Ancient Weapon. Meanwhile, Momonosuke is kept busy in his role as the new Shogun.

The Review:
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It’s little surprise that the more interesting material in the last few episodes for me has been more about the Ponegliffs than anything else, though it was mostly just teases once again and a greater sense of scale being added. But getting to see Robin and Law go further down below Wano to see the original place and to see just what was going on in the past is intriguing. So much of our understanding of Wano has been focused on the recent period from before Kaido took it over and the journey we saw there. But there’s a deeper and richer history to this land, obviously, that we’ve only scratched the surface of. Robin’s certainly the best character for this kind of exploration and I definitely enjoy seeing her going through it as I do with Law because he has a different but similar approach to understanding it all, knowing the ramifications.

The early part of this episode focuses on some of the fallout from the recent fight with those that were pretty wounded and are in recovery, such as Raizo. Taty provides for al little humor but others are also becoming clear-eyed about the threats that Wano faces now that Kaido is gone and Momonosuke is considered very untested. It’s the challenge of any new leadership and he at least has a lot of people on his side to help protect Wano. But it’s also part of that real growing-up element for Momonosuke, especially since he’s been in kid form for so long and still has much of that mindset in how he acts and interacts with others. Amusingly, there’s a little subplot early on here as well where we see how some others are going to stay in Wano to help protect the peace and that ha Carrot being selected to take over from Dogstrom with the sacred mission of protection. It’s a good path for Carrot overall as she certainly has proven herself.

The episode goes through a bunch of other smaller moments as well and touches upon most of the Straw Hats as we get more of the standard epilogue stuff playing out and seeing where everyone is going to end up. There are nods to what’s coming next with Robin bringing up what she’s discovered, and naturally, some slimy bad guy is listening and has new information to report, but I was just enjoying more the wrapup elements such as the Straw Hats loading the ship and some of the plans being put into motion with where to go next between Law, Luffy, and Kidd. There’s some good silliness to this but when Kidd brings out the poster showing the Cross World group that includes Buggy, Crocodile, and Hawkeye with Buggy seemingly leading it, well, that finally has my attention and interest. I continue to be frustrated that I like Buggy – especially after absolutely hating him during his introduction arc – but time has made him my favorite of the pirates and getting some new material with him has me all ears.

In Summary:
The wrapup phase of any storyline tends to be my favorite for a lot of different reasons and an episode like this scratches that itch well. While I care less about some of the Wano elements themselves, it’s good to see where some of the characters that we’ve been hanging with for the last few years now find themselves and cementing their new paths. But it always comes back to the Straw Hats and seeing the three paths laid out for them while Law and Kid head off on theirs is definitely a lot of fun to watch unfold. Mostly, however, it’s good to just have the Straw Hats back together and on their ship again for a while and hopefully it lasts more than just a few episodes. I’m excited to see what’s next since it’s bringing back one of my favorites from the Impel Down storyline.

Grade: B+

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