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Yen Press Schedules 1st ‘The Unimplemented Overlords Have Joined the Party!’ Light Novel Print Release From Nagawasabi64 & Kawaku

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This is the story of Syutaro, a young man who was chosen from a pool of 100,000 people as a member of the second group of players for the new VRMMO [Eternity].

Yen Press is bringing another novel series to print as they’ve solicited for the first volume of The Unimplemented Overlords Have Joined the Party!. The first volume is set for a February 21st, 2024 release priced at $15.00 with it listed as coming in at 208 pages.

The property comes from writer Nagawasabi64 with illustrations by Kawaku which began in 2020 as serialized in for Kadokawa. Known originally as Mijissou no Last Boss-tachi ga Nakama ni narimashita, it has five volumes out in Japan so far and is listed as ongoing.

Plot Concept: Young gamer Shuutarou is among the lucky few chosen to playtest Eternity, the latest VRMMORPG, and he wastes no time in activating his unique dungeon creation skill…at the exact moment when the game glitches out! Now he and his fellow playtesters are trapped, and their very lives are at stake. Shuutarou happens to end up in the one area that has yet to be patched into the game: the final boss lair where the six Evil Overlords lurk. They promptly declare him their master – and with Eternity’s strongest baddies on his team, Shuutarou is up for any adventures this new life will throw at him!

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