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New Anime Figures This Week

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Which figures do you want adorning your shelf?

The end of the month means that there’s a look back at all the figures that were released this month and should be at a range of retailers out there, just rarely at the same time because of how the import acquisition month works. Which ones do you want on your shelf?

Which ones make you dream of having it on your shelf?

Albedo so-bin Ending Ver Overlord Spiritale Figure
Atago (Re-run) Midsummer March Ver Azur Lane Figure
Erza Scarlet Kurenai Samurai Ver Fairy Tail Figure
Houshou Marine Hololive Production Figma Figure
Illustrious Maiden Lily’s Radiance Ver Azur Lane Figure
PA-15 Highschool Heartbeat Story Ver Girls’ Frontline Figure
Riku Deluxe Ver Kingdom Hearts III Play Arts Kai Action Figure
Rintaro Okabe Steins;Gate Pop Up Parade Figure
Ryza Alter Ver Atelier Ryza Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout Figure
Takao (Re-run) Beach Rhapsody Ver Azur Lane Figure