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Dr. Stone NEW WORLD Episodes #13 – 14 Anime Review

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The secret of who is in charge comes as no shock and the price paid for the knowledge is steep.
Dr. Stone NEW WORLD Episodes #13-14

Two steps forward, two steps back.

What They Say:
E13 – The Medusa’s True Face
The team revives Kaseki to work on the drone. Meanwhile, Ginro is called to see the Master.
E14 – Deal Game, Test of Wit
More of the Kingdom of Science is brought back from petrification, but they are discovered in the cave by Moz.

The Review
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Kohaku, Amaryllis, and Ginro were already pushing their luck and that luck has finally run out. Ginro is chosen to go see the village chief under the pretense of being a young woman in the ruler’s harem. Ginro understandably panics before remembering that Senku made him a secret weapon disguised as a pineapple. I can’t recall exactly what chemical he filled it with but it was meant to work as a knockout gas.

While Ginro prepares to meet the chief, Kohaku is confronted with Moz calling her out on being the spy. A fight ensues with Kohaku mowing her way through the village soldiers while Ginro fends off the advances of Ibara. Amaryllis is left observing the quickly unraveling chaos.

Then the worst comes to pass. Ginro learns that what we suspected all along was true, the village chief is long dead, petrified. Ibara has been keeping up a ruse and getting rid of anyone who learned the truth. Kohaku isn’t strong enough to take out Moz in head-to-head combat and Ibara skewers Ginro in graphic detail.

It’s a good thing that Kohaku is quick on her feet because she quickly realizes what needs to be done. She goads Ibara into having Kirisame launch the Medusa device to petrify Ginro to save his life. This results in team science losing its connection to the inside but gives Kohaku enough time to pass along the information learned.

Except Moz notices Amaryllis sneaking away and follows.

Kaseki, Ukyo, and Yuzuriha are all revived to bolster the ranks. With several members of the science kingdom revived it’s time to get back to work. (The show handwaves the need for more air tanks by having Taiju be a champion free-diver.) The team manages to manufacture and launch a small drone which behaves in much the way those cheap toy models do. (Team science bounces it off the ceiling of the cave in a way that instantly reminded me of trying to fly one around my family room. It even makes the same noise.) 

Amaryllis arrives with the bad news and the big news, and then the group discovers Moz followed her. A stand-off tackles something this show has touched upon previously, mental gymnastics. Gen takes center stage once again as a complicated negotiation begins in which team science tries to bring Moz to their side. The end result is a temporary working arrangement where Moz agrees to help steal the medusa away from Kirisame in exchange for some ‘magical’ assistance. I don’t feel good about their odds against Moz if he does get his hands on the device.

In Summary:
The jig was well and truly up for Kohaku and Ginro as their cover is blown during a daring move to uncover the truth. The secret of who is in charge comes as no shock and the price paid for the knowledge is steep. Kohaku’s last-minute move to save Ginro’s life leaves Senku at the others in a tight spot. One blown cover leads to another as a tense alliance forms which is less of an alliance and more of a hostage situation. They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but in this case, it appears Moz is confident that he can maintain his position of power. It is a tense situation all around, and while Senku may seem confident that he can science his way out of this, I think their best bet would be convincing Kirisame to join them.

Episode Grades: B +, B

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