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The Weekly TV, Movie, & Games Discussion Post For Week Of October 1st, 2023

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Take look at the shows we've covered, games we're playing, and movies we're watching this week that may not show up elsewhere on the site.

We’re heading into the final months of 2023 and it’s a different world to be sure due to the actors and writers’ strikes as there won’t be a broadcast season for the most part, unless you’re interested in game and variety shows. The streaming side offers us a bit more material that was in the hopper already so we’re definitely good other.

We’re in a minor lull at the moment with three main shows we’re watching have ended. We’ve got Star Wars: Ahsoka now underway and this month gives us Lower Decks as we wrap up Foundation as well. We’re hoping to slip a few movies into the reviewing pattern as well.

First up, Daniel’s stepping in on the games side with a review of the Fear and Hunger 2: Termina Steam Deck edition review. “Fear and Hunger 2: Termina may not be for you, but if you vibe with its brutality and unforgiving nature, you’ll find yourself immersed in a video game like no other, one that lays bare the traumas and pain that make up every person’s life. An instant favorite for me, and perhaps an instant favorite for you as well.”

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This week we also have a review of a new film that may have slipped by you with The Inventor which Kevin checked out. “Alright, so “The Inventor” isn’t the most revolutionary film I’ve seen. It’s not going to turn too many heads. It might not even be one of the best-animated films I’ve seen this year. All that being said, “The Inventor” is charming, well-meaning, cleverly animated, and has a pure heart that has been lacking in even some of this year’s best animated films. It is easily something that the whole family can enjoy and maybe even inspire kids to dream big even when government bureaucracy is trying to get in the way of your dreams. I have no idea how hopeful that sounds, but in the end, it worked for me.”

Check out the full review.

Next up this week we’ve got our look at the first fourth episode of the fourth season of Star Trek: Lower Decks. The episode has a decent subplot with Rutherford getting Shax to try and help Boimler with his need to know everything by putting him with the security team for a while. It’s a bit more complicated than that and we get to see some amusing stuff with the slam poetry and the like, and it provides for good action at the end. It’s good for Boimler and has some fun moments while playing out in contrast to the hedonistic things going on throughout the rest of the ship. It’s also good for Shax to highlight the varied ways that one trains to work in security beyond what people think it’s all about. It’s a very fun episode overall and hits a lot of absolutely delightfully silly bits while also thankfully avoiding setting up much in the way of anything with romantic trysts being revealed for the main cast. Just a lot of very good fun in a very TOS kind of way.

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Also this week we’ve got our look at the seventh episode of Ahsoka. There are times when I feel like Filoni, whose work I largely enjoy, is falling into the trap as Lucas did in the prequel filming time in that there aren’t enough voices going “no” around him or showing him better. This is his first big project as a showrunner/director so there’s some give there, but we’re seeing so many basics just not being done well that it’s frustrating. There are huge differences between animation and live-action work but the crossover is just as immense and it feels like those areas are where it’s failing the most. This episode may grade higher than how I’m describing it but the action sequences a great, the Thrawn material delivers for me as does much of what happens on Peridea, and getting that taste of classic Ezra really hits a sweet spot. It’s like each storyline gets 75% of it right but missing that 25% in each storyline keeps it from working as it should. Excluding the New Republic material as that’s like 25% right and just terrible for the rest.

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This week, we also Review The Ewinracing Flash XL Series Gaming Chair. Having gone the past four years with probably one of the worst chairs to have for someone who sits most of the day, it’s a world of difference in going to a chair like this. It reminded me why I enjoyed the chair I had tried out back in 2019 from them but also why it ended up with my daughter since, well, that’s what a parent does. With a recent office change for me in redoing everything, checking this out was perfect timing. It’s made my being able to work a lot easier and a lot more comfortable while providing the support I had forgotten that I really needed.

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What did you watch this past week?