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Titan Comics Schedules 1st ‘Burst Angel’ Manga Print Release From Minoru Murao

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Meet Takeru, an ordinary boy who's always bullied because of his lack of self-confidence. What will happen when one day two mysterious girls show up in his room seeking shelter from a group of blood-thirsty thugs?

Titan Manga is bringing another manga series to print as they’ve solicited for the first volume of Burst Angel. The first volume is set for a May 21st, 2024 release priced at $12.99 with it listed as coming in at 176 pages.

The property comes from Minoru Murao which began serialization in 2004 in Dengeki Comic Gao. Known originally as Bakuretsu Tenshi, it has three volumes out in Japan so far and is complete.

Plot Concept: Burst Angel explores an alternate future Tokyo where firearms have become legal in Japan! In this prequel to the hit anime, discover how the Burst Angels first met and became legendary crimefighters! Perfect for fans of girls – with – guns and shonen manga!

The first volume in the hit manga adaptation of the anime of the same name! After firearms become legal in Japan, gun-toting mercenaries prowl the streets, looking to exterminate any criminals who would dare show their faces. Explore the early days of the Burst Angels — Jo, Meg, Amy, and Sei in this prequel that explores how they met and became the elite squad of mercenaries they are today!