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End Of An Era: Crunchyroll Sets RightStuf Shutdown/Consolidation Plans

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As we close further in on a single-market system where it’s all about Crunchyroll/Sony, another piece has finally fallen. The Right Stuf site, in operation for decades in serving anime fandom and being a huge partner to many anime news sites and fan sites for years, will be shutting down on October 10th, 2023.

It’ll all migrate to the Crunchyroll story.

More details are coming in the near future but this is a huge blow to fans who have long enjoyed everything that went into that site, all the history it contains, and the accessibility to information that will now be lost as Crunchyroll takes full control of it.

RightStuf has been a huge source of information for many places, ourselves included, for years, and the loss of them is hard to describe beyond simply saying it’s significant.

For many anime fans, who love them or hate them, the end of Right Stuf is a huge marker in that the domestic anime industry we knew has now come to a close.

[Source: Twitter which we’ll never call X because it’s just so goddamn stupid]