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Peppermint Anime Adds 2 ‘Beelzebub’ German-Dubbed Anime Clips

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When you’re a high school delinquent known as the invincible “Rampaging Demon Ogre,” you’ve got to look tough and cool.

One of the more utterly delightful and fun series that never quite went as big as I had hoped was the Beelzebub anime.  The show was picked up for home video release by Discotek Media in North America and previously saw a DVD release. The show also saw a complete SDBD release back in 2022 which was a lot of fun to see come out.

Now, the folks at Peppermint Anime are prepping for a German run and they’ve got it set with four volumes coming out late this year and into 2024. The schedule for it is set with:

  • Vol. 1 ab 17.11.2023 erhältlich (Goodie: Poster A3)
  • Vol. 2 ab 26.01.2024 erhältlich (Goodie: Pappaufsteller)
  • Vol. 3 ab 22.03.2024 erhältlich (Goodie: Sticker)
  • Vol. 4 ab 17.05.2024 erhältlich (Goodie: Keychain)

With that in mind, they’ve also rolled out the first two clips from it in German to give us a taste of what it’ll be like in that language.

The show was directed by Norihiro Takamoto with Masahiro Yokotano doing the overall composition and many of the scripts alongside others. Yukiko Ban served as the chief animation director while Takeshi Yoshioka handled the character designs,

The original manga began in 2009 and was completed in March 2015 after 250 chapters compiled in 28 volumes.

Plot Concept: When you’re a high school delinquent known as the invincible “Rampaging Demon Ogre,” you’ve got to look tough and cool. For Tatsumi Oga, however, it’s hard to pull off when he’s got a baby peeing on his head! Despite Tatsumi’s best efforts, he can’t seem to get rid of the kid. Ever since pulling a “big man” from a river, splitting him open, then finding the cute baby boy inside, the delinquent’s been stuck playing caretaker.

Sure, it’s a little unusual. And maybe junior’s got a bit of a habit of shocking people, you know, with lightning bolts. But it’s not like the kid’s a demon, right? Except that he is. In fact baby “Beel” is the son of the Great Demon Lord himself, sent to Earth in order to destroy all of humanity, according to his demon nursemaid, Hilde. And it seems like Beel’s chosen Tatsumi to be his daddy, all thanks to his perfectly demonic, evil behavior!