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‘Shangri-La Frontier’ Anime Debuts New Promo

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Check out this new interview with manga creatores Katarina & Ryosuke Fuji!

This year is looking to be a very good year for the web novel series Shangri-La Frontier from Katarina as it’s getting an anime adaptation and a VR game as well. Set for an October 2023 debut, the latest update comes from the official production is a welcome one. The series has been set for an October 1st, 2023 premiere and the latest update is that we have a new promotional video for the show and a new key visual.

Crunchyroll previously announced that they’ll be handling the streaming for it when it does arrive. They’ll be bringing it out to viewers in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS.

The anime is directed by Toshiyuki Kubooka with Hiroki Ikeshita assisting. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is overseeing it and working on the scripts while Ayumi Kurashima is serving as both character designer and chief animation director. C2C is handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Yūma Uchida as Sunraku/Rakurō Hizutome
  • Azumi Waki as Saiga 0/Rei Saiga
  • Yōko Hikasa as Arthur Pencilgon/Towa Amane
  • Makoto Koichi as Oicazzo/Kei Uomi
  • Rina Hidaka as Emul
  • Akio Ohtsuka as Viceash
  • Yumiri Hanamori as Psyger-100
  • Sayaka Senbongi as Animalia
  • Seiichirō Yamashita as Orcelott

The series features the opening being “Broken Games” from FZMZ while the ending theme song “Ace” is performed by Chico.

© 硬梨菜 / 不二涼介 / 講談社 / 「シャングリラ・フロンティア」 製作委員会

Kodansha Comics currently publishes the manga adaptation in English.

Plot Concept: “When was the last time I played a game that wasn’t crap?”

This is a world in the near future where games that use display screens are classified as retro. Anything that can’t keep up with state-of-the-art VR technology is called a “crap game,” and you see a large number of crap games coming out. Those who devote their lives to clearing these games are called “crap-game hunters,” and Rakuro Hizutome is one of them. The game he’s chosen to tackle next is Shangri-La Frontier, a “god-tier game” that has a total of thirty million players. Online friends… An expansive world… Encounters with rivals… These are changing Rakuro and all the other players’ fates! The best game adventure tale by the strongest “crap game” player begins now!

Previous promos and visuals:

© 硬梨菜 / 不二涼介 / 講談社 / 「シャングリラ・フロンティア」 製作委員会
© 硬梨菜 / 不二涼介 / 講談社 / 「シャングリラ・フロンティア」 製作委員会