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‘Fist of the North Star’ Celebrates 40th Anniversary With New Anime

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© Buronson & Tetsuo Hara / Coamix, HOKUTO Committee

It may feel like the era of remakes but that’s always been part and parcel of not just anime but many artistic endeavors and anime is no exception. Warner Bros. Japan has announced that they’re producing a new adaptation of the Fist of the North Star manga that will feature an all-new cast. Other than the visual to the right, no other details were revealed beyond it’s being done to commemorate the 40th anniversary.

The manga from Buronson and Tetsuo Hara began in 1983 in Weekly Shonen Jump and has had multiple anime adaptations, including the original TV series in 1984 that ran for 152 episodes.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • TBA

Check out the official site and Twitter. (TBA)

Plot Concept: After an apocalypse, the world is laid to waste. Bandits rule the land, and might makes right the world over. Justice is a dying concept, so a new kind of hero begins to show himself to the people. With his “Fist of the North Star” technique, the man named Kenshiro slaughters those who would do violence upon the innocent. He journeys to violently set justice back in the world, and dreams of one day refinding his beloved Julia.

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