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Discotek Media Adds ‘Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs’ Anime Opening & Clip Streaming

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The New Frontier, full of colonized planets, is guarded by the Star Sheriffs from the extra-dimensional Outriders.

Discotek Media back in January 2023 announced the pickup for the release of a property that will definitely excite a lot of people with something we never thought we’d really have with Saber Riders and the Star Sheriffs. The fifty-two-episode series aired originally in 1984 and had Akira Shigino as the series director with Masami Anno as the hands-on director working from the series composition by Mitsuru Majima. Shigeru Kato handled the character designs with Pierrot handling the production.

The release is now scheduled for an August 29th, 2023 release that will have all the episodes on a single SDBD in English. It’ll be priced at $39.95 and the previously confirmed extras include an interview with the musical composer and some CG sequences for potential toys. It’ll have 1,150 minutes total running time.

With the set out recently, Discotek Media has added the opening sequence to the show as well as a clip from it. The clip is fun as it’s the Ramrod transformation sequence which is a really great classic mecha sequence – and you get to hear the voice of Ramrod, the legendary Peter Cullen!

The Japanese cast includes Bin Shimada as Richard Lancelot, Chie Koujiro as Marianne LeVert, Kazuhiko Inoue as Bill Wilcox, and Yoku Shioya as Shinji Hikari.

The English language release was done by World Events Productions and had Franklin Cofod directing it. The English cast includes Rob Paulsen as Saber Rider, Pat Musick as April Eagle, Townsend Coleman as Colt Wilcox, and Patrick Fraley as Fireball Hikari.

Plot Concept: Humans are colonizing the whole galaxy, creating artificial planets and asteroids. However, peace is threatened by the Bandits of the Vapor Zone, an alternate dimension. Commander Ruwell decides to fight back and recruits his daughter Marianne, a scientist genius girl, along with fencer Richard Belmont, pilot Shinji Hikari, and bounty hunter Bill Wilcox. Together, they fight the Bandits with their mecha, the mighty Bismarck…