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HIDIVE Sets ‘Say “I Love You”‘ Anime Streaming

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I enjoyed this show more than I expected to and am definitely glad it got a dub

With a home video release previously and originally simulcast by Crunchyroll, HIDIVE has now set a September 20th, 2023 streaming arrival for the series Say “I Love You” on the service. The show will be presented in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

Based on the manga by Kanae Hazuki which began back in 2008, Say, “I Love You” is a thirteen-episode series animated by studio ZEXCS. The manga from Kanae Hazuki began just after this series was first released in 2013 and ended up running for eighteen volumes between 2008 and 2017.

The series is a fairly straightforward romantic series where the focus is on romance with little in the way of comedy. There’s humor and levity to be had to be sure, but it’s not a romantic comedy. It doesn’t go for slapstick and instead goes for more real-world kinds of humor as we see the characters try and deal with their issues, each other, and the people in their lives. Most series go for more comedy in them and while this isn’t dripping in romance, it deals with teenage romances pretty well and some of the complications that come from social issues that grow over the years.

Plot Concept: When Mei Tachibana was unfairly blamed for a tragedy, not one of her so-called friends stood by her. In the heartbreaking aftermath, Mei found an easy way to avoid any future betrayal – to never make any friends again. Only now, for some inexplicable reason, one her school’s most popular guys, the annoyingly charming Yamato Kurosawa, has taken an interest in the girl who might as well be a ghost to the rest of the class. And when she needed help, he actually came.

Mei’s not a princess in a tower and she wasn’t looking for a white knight. So why has everything become so complicated since he kissed her? Is she ready to trust and risk her heart again? Is it time, at last, to make the commitment with the three words that change everything?