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RetroCrush Adds ‘Sherlock Hound’ Anime Streaming

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One of the most iconic characters in literary history returns as an adorable canine detective alongside his faithful friend Watson!

sherlock-hound-uk-headerTMS Entertainment is continuing to bring out some of their shows through RetroCrush to draw attention to some of their classics and the latest one to get the attention is the Sherlock Hound anime series. The full twenty-six-episode run, originally licensed and released in bilingual form by Geneon Entertainment, is now available for streaming here in its English dubbed form and in its original Japanese language here.

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Plot concept: “Sherlock Hound”, released as either Famous Detective Holmes or Detective Holmes in Japan, is an anime based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series where all the characters are depicted as anthropomorphic animals, the majority dogs, though Holmes is a fox and his enemy Professor Moriarty is a wolf. The show featured regular appearances of Jules Verne-steampunk style technology, adding a 19th-century science-fiction atmosphere to the series. It consists of 26 episodes aired between 1984 and 1985.