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Bandai Namco Begins Schedules ‘Tales of Symphonia: The Animation’ Anime 20th Anniversary Blu-ray Box Set

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The folks at Crunchyroll recently added another show to their back catalog of titles but marked its first time streaming on the service with the addition of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation. The series clocks in at eleven episodes and is in its original Japanese language with English subtitles and comes through with coordination thanks to Discotek Media.

Now, the show is getting some new distribution as Bandai Namco, after streaming it earlier this year, is now bringing out a new Blu-ray box set for it. It’s scheduled for a November 29th, 2023 release priced at 13,500 yen. It last saw a main release back in 2013 when it was priced at 31,500 yen – though there was a priced-down run of that set at one point as well.

This 20th-anniversary set includes:

Newly drawn outer case by character designer Akira Matsushima

Enclosed bonus: Memorial song CD (OVA past theme song & insert song best album) with songs:

  • 1 Opening theme “ALMATERIA” Eri Kawai
  • 2 Ending theme “Negai” ” Kaori Hikita
  • 3 Volume 2 insert song “Fiat lux -There is light-” Colette (CV: Nana Mizuki) 4 Volume
  • 3 insert song, ED theme “Let’s go home” Colette (CV: Nana Mizuki)
  • 5 Character song “Thoughts” Noyukue” Colette (CV: Nana Mizuki)
  • [Tethealla Edition]
  • 6 Opening theme “Canary in the sky” Nana Mizuki
  • 7 Ending theme “Beyond prayer” Akiko Shikata
  • 8 Volume 4 ending theme “TETHE’ALLA ~Twin children~” Akiko Shikata
  • [World Integration Edition]
  • 9 Opening theme “Ho N To U So” Me
  • 10 Volume 1 ending theme “Who is the world” Akiko Shikata
  • 11 Volume 2 ending theme “Distortion” Akiko Shikata
  • 12 Volume 3 ending theme “In the place where light falls ~Promesse~” Akiko Shikata
  • 13 Volume 3 grand ending theme “The wind knows a distant tomorrow” Akiko Shikata
Tales of Symphonia BD Box Set Cover

Discotek Media brought the series out on Blu-ray with a November 29th, 2022 release where it was priced at $49.95 for the 360-minute set. It has an eleven-episode run.

Plot Concept: A journey to regenerate the world…

Two parallel worlds occupy the same space, unknown to each other. But if one prospers, the other withers. The dying world of Sylvarant has one chance to survive. Colette, the “Chosen One,” is sent on a journey to replenish her planet’s supply of mana, the source of all life. In exchange, though, she must become an angel, leaving her human life far behind. Colette is joined on her travels by childhood friends Lloyd and Genis, who swear to protect her. However, as they get closer to their goal, the Tower of Salvation, the group learns the terrible truth behind “world regeneration.”