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‘Phoenix: Eden 17’ Anime Getting Theatrical Release With Different Ending

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Back in November 2022, Disney+ announced a new project that will get distribution worldwide in 2023 with the STUDIO4℃ work Phoenix: Eden 17. It’s a new interpretation of the Osamu Tezuka classic Phoenix and along the way we learned that the project has Shojiro Nishima on board to direct it with Tatsuzou Nishida handling the character designs.

With the update this weekend about the show with the cast and promo, we also learned that he Japanese title has also been formalized as Phoenix: Eden’s Space. What I didn’t see at the time writing earlier but caught up on now is that a theatrical-edition of the four-episode work is being done with a planned November 3rd, 2023 release. It’ll go by the name Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower and will have a different ending. Check out the trailer for that edition below.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Honoka Yoshida as Com
  • Issey Ogata as Sudarban
  • Rie Miyazawa as Romi
  • Yosuke Kubozuka as George
  • Shintarō Asanuma as Makimura
  • Ryohei Kimura as Cain

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Original Manga Plot Concept: The story line of this chapter begins with the death of George in an accident shortly after he and his lover Romi begin to live a new life by themselves on the desert Planet Eden 71. Romi was pregnant with George’s baby at that time.

Having decided to protect the planet and her child by herself, she repeatedly shuns the world to try to have descendents with George’s child. She tried many times but could only have boys. After isolating herself, she wakes up to find an affluent town named Eden.

Phoenix had let an amorphous cosmic creature named Moopie have children with the Romi’s descendents. Romi becomes the queen of Eden, but gradually begins to long for earth.

One day, an Eden boy named Com comes upon a mysterious spaceship made of rock in the prohibited deep mountains. Together with Romi, Com departs for the earth of his ancestors that he has never seen.

Previous promos and visuals:

© Beyond C.
© Beyond C.