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TMS Streams ‘Lupin The 3rd Episode 0: The First Contact’ Anime English Dub For The 1st Time

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Lupin is after mafia boss Galvez's single most precious treasure: a treasure within a treasure!

Fans of the Lupin The 3rd Episode 0: The First Contact anime feature had a lot to be excited about as Discotek Media revealed back in December 2021 that they would be bringing out the 2002 film on Blu-ray with a brand new dub for the first time. The film saw an April 26th, 2022 release where it was priced at $29.95 and includes the 90-minute feature film, the brand new dub, translation notes, an audio commentary, trailers, and commercials for the film.

Now, that new English dub is available outside of that Blu-ray release for the first time. TMS Entertainment has brought out the full film on YouTube on their channel below that you can see. It’s likely for an undisclosed limited time so definitely check it out while you can.

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Plot Concept: Lupin the third is an ambitious cat-burgler targeting mafia boss Galvez’s newest treasure. Jigen, Galvez’s hired gun, fails to kill Lupin and seeks vengeance. Fujiko is the gorgeous girlfriend of Brad, Lupin’s experienced rival. Zenigata flies to New York to arrest Fujiko, but sets his sites on Lupin instead. Goemon seeks and almighty sword that can cut steel. This roller-coaster account of the First contact between these infamous, beloved strangers is so incredible, you’ll have to see it to believe it!