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In the Land of Leadale Vol. #04 Manga Review

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This volume’s story beats echoes the previous volumes, from Cayna getting the shock of family surprises to the moment of angst to impressing the local soldiers.
In the Land of Leadale, Vol. 4

Relative redux.

Creative Staff
Art: Dashio Tsukimi
Original Story: Ceez
Character Design: Tenmaso
Composition: Ryo Suzukaze
Translator: Leighann Harvey
Lettering: Elana Pizzaro

What They Say
Traveling as a guard for Elineh’s caravan, Cayna visits the northern kingdom of Helshper. There, she stops by the Sakaiya shop to deliver a letter Mai-Mai had entrusted to her…and comes face-to-face with her grandson—an elf named Caerick! But then a casual comment of his manages to incur Cayna’s wrath, and all hell breaks loose!?

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Cayna has arrived in the town of Sakaiya, a strange place with a mix of Danish windmills and Japanese castle aesthetics. As she ponders the strange mix she meets with the guards of the town and the leader, only to discover that her heritage extends all the way to this strange place.

I have to wonder how the other characters would act if Cayna hadn’t chosen High Elf as her player race. Although nobody seemed to give much thought to her having a dwarf son so maybe it would have been overlooked. 

Cayna responds to the knowledge that she has grandchildren and a great-grandchild about as well as can be expected. She is more put out that her daughter didn’t bother explaining that she had children from her first marriage or prepare her for who those children were now in the world. To add insult to confusion, Caerick offhandedly mentions that he can provide better accommodation for one of her station and she doesn’t need to slum it at the adventurer’s bar.

This pattern of meeting family, getting insulted, getting depressed, moping, and recovering already happened in the previous volume so the whole exchange quickly becomes redundant rather than amusing via repetition. 

Her family quickly recruits her help in removing the bandits who have taken up residence in yet another Master’s Tower. Cayna wants to head there to take care of the tower caretaker and see what became of its master. The local guard force can handle normal humans but the golems summoned by a high-powered force are far beyond them. Cayna is trying to keep a low profile but she basically has the powers of a god. She barely flinches in taking the monsters out before confronting the demon who summoned them.

And that demon happens to be another former player. One who doesn’t realize that this isn’t a game anymore and can’t accept the idea that such a thing is possible. Cayna is only able to subdue the violent teenager by using an ability that she had been given as a quasi-moderator of the game. Basically, think of it as an account restriction ban. She punishes the former player and moves on to learn that the tower was the one that belonged to a player from her guild who was both a friend and an annoyance. 

What drives me mad is that Cayna doesn’t stop to ponder the fact that she isn’t the only player trapped or reborn into the World of Leadale. She can’t even really question the kid because he seemed to truly have no idea anything was wrong until she explicitly pointed it out. (Just how immersive was this game?) 

This volume ends with a mini-comic chapter about the mermaid that Cayna rescued back in the starter village. It’s cute but ultimately pointless.

In Summary
This volume’s story beats echoes the previous volumes, from Cayna getting the shock of family surprises to the moment of angst to impressing the local soldiers. Is it a refrain or a leitmotif? It is, in fact, like someone doing a checklist of tasks in an MMO. The most interesting moment of this volume is when we learn Cayna isn’t the only player now inside the game. Yet she doesn’t reflect on this surprise revelation! What is Cayna’s goal here? If it’s to be a slice-of-life series, so be it, but don’t tease us with a ‘sucked into an MMO’ mystery then! 

Content Grade: C +
Art Grade: B +
Packaging Grade: B +
Text/Translation Grade: A –

Age Rating: Teen
Released By: Yen Press
Release Date: August 22, 2023
MSRP: $13.00 US / $17.00 CAN

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