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Where To Find Us On Social Media

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The state of social media these days is certainly in a flux and the various impacts of it continue. About ten days ago, our Twitter site account that we began in 2011 that posted our news items was suspended for “Violating our rules against evading suspension” which was certainly news because, well, we weren’t evading anything.

Last night, the automated tools that Twitter uses (because there are so few people there doing any of this manually if at all), our main personal account from 2009 that we use to talk and post our items was suspended as well for the same thing.

I suspect that they’re just employing some poorly configured AI tools in order to do this. And nobody responds to requests for more information or challenges to the suspension. So, we’re officially off Twitter now.

So, we wanted to remind people where you can find us beyond coming to the site itself and our forums.

We update throughout the day on:




Blue Sky

The loss of Twitter is definitely a big one because that’s how we were able to bring people onto our Patreon to keep us operating as well as our monthly GoFundMe.

We are perilously close to not being able to keep operating already before losing Twitter. So, like so many other places that have no other ways of being funded, we basically beg and plead for whatever you can in order to help us keep doing this. We’re in the midst of our 25th anniversary since starting all of this back in 1998 and that would be terribly anniversary to close out on.

Thank you for all your support over the years and your presence, readership, and interactions.