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Terror Man Volume #01 Manhwa Review

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Creative Staff
Story: Dong-Woo Han
Art: Jin-Ho Ko
Planning: YLAB CO. LTD

What They Say
Jungwoo Min has a special ability, one that lets him see when a path leads to a misfortune, or disaster. He uses his “Eyes of Misfortune” to spot these unfortunate events and stop them. Disguising himself as a terrorist, he begins using his power to save people from certain danger. This leads him to become feared by the people he is looking to save. Soon he discovers that the more he saves others, the unhappier he becomes. Thus unfolds the story of a hero and his struggle between happiness and despair. And the unfortunate reality of saving the world, even while becoming a supposed terrorist…or TERROR MAN!

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Having the superpower to see disaster is a strange choice to give your protagonist. Right from the start, it doesn’t seem like you can do anything incredible with this ability. People will have a hard time believing that you have the superpower to see the tragedies of the near future. And even when they do occur, people will say you’re a lunatic or go the witch route and burn you at the stake. It just doesn’t stand out as anything you can easily believe in. It’s the reality that Jungwoo finds himself in. But this is where Jungwoo shines brightly. No superpower should be seen as useless. It always has some value, it just depends on how it’s being used. That is where this book shines the most brilliantly.

It’s peculiar and at the same time ordinary how Jungwoo Is used to demonstrate this ability. He uses the power for himself in the daily mundane aspects of life. But as he grows up and begins to see the world beyond himself, he sees a greater purpose with his abilities. It is the classical teenage superhero journey. But it comes with a spicy twist. Jungwoo becomes the “Terror Man” in the public eye to take out the true terror of society. He wont ever get the recognition of being a hero and has to bare the stigma of being a villain. There is so much potential for this character’s future as he has to deal with these ramifications.

The world beyond Jungwoo still needs to be fleshed out more. The villain of this volume works great because he is just a stepping stone. He is there to test and develop Jungwoo’s abilities. He wants to wreak havoc on the world and after that fact, he becomes completely forgettable. He doesn’t have any qualities that define him too much. The stepping point is at the main player gets revealed. A rich woman is financing this villain but it doesn’t seem like she is too worried about whether he succeeds or fails. She is out shopping as the minor villain is carrying out his plans. This could have been slowly revealed. It feels a bit barren to reveal her at this point. More time should have been spent on focusing on the villain of this volume. He comes as a maniac who sole purpose is just causing chaos and you have this mysteroious women without a care in the world.

In Summary:
Terror Man might terrify you but you are in for a marvelous time. The world is fraught with danger and clearing those dangers isn’t the easiest thing to do. As we see Jungwoo set himself steady in this world, his progress will resonate strongly with people. Terror Man stumbles with answering the question: do the ends justify the means? The ends are that people get to escape a disaster but there can be different means to this end.

Content Grade: B
Art Grade: B
Text/Translation Grade: A

Age Rating: Mature(16 and up)
Released By: Ablaze Manga
Release Date: June 27, 2023
MSRP: $19.99

This review was done with a review copy provided by the publisher. We are grateful for their continued support.