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Yen Press Announces Six New Acquisitions

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Press Release:

NEW YORK, NY (5/30/23) – At MCM London Comic Con, Yen Press, LLC announced the acquisition of three new titles under their Yen Press imprint, including two manga (Lord Hades’s Ruthless Marriage; Kiss the Scars of the Girls) and an artbook (Fruits Basket: Complete Anime Natsuki Takaya Illustrations). Over Memorial Day weekend, Yen Press also revealed the acquisition of two manga titles (Higurashi When They Cry: GOU Anthology Comic; Fifteen Minutes Before We Really Date) and a novel (Agent of the Four Seasons).

Fruits Basket: Complete Anime Natsuki Takaya Illustrations

By Natsuki Takaya

In commemoration of the all-new anime adaptation of Natsuki Tayaka’s beloved manga, Fruit Basket, illustrations inspired by each episode along with commentary from the author have been collected into a single volume to celebrate the gripping tale of Tohru and the Sohmas.

Perfect for fans of the series, Fruits Basket: Complete Anime Natsuki Takaya Illustrations is a collection of three artbooks that were published separately in Japan combined into a single omnibus edition.

Lord Hades’s Ruthless Marriage

By Ueji Yuho

Hades—the powerful and terrifying King of the Underworld…and a bachelor! Despite his retainers’ wishes, Hades refuses to give up his life as a single god, unconvinced that love and marriage are worth the hassle. But when Eros suddenly shoots him with an arrow of love, will he be able to successfully avoid falling head over heels with the next person he sees?

Lord Hades’s Ruthless Marriage is a Greek mythical romantic comedy with stunning art to complement the entertaining interactions between familiar historical characters.

Kiss the Scars of the Girls

By Aya Haruhana

Deep within a dense forest stands an academy for girls, and its students share a secret—they’re all vampires. To learn to hunt without attracting human attention, the maidens forge bloody bonds of sisterhood, but what fate will their ties bring…?

Kiss the Scars of the Girls is a supernatural girls’ love manga between two vampires: one charismatic and cheerful, and the other guarded and reserved.

Higurashi When They Cry: GOU Anthology Comic

By Ryukishi07

June 1983. While it normally signifies an inescapable doom for Rika and her closest companions, a crew of guest artists bring its cheerful vitality to life! In the official comic anthology, join the gang in their early summer adventures!

This short anthology comic is perfect for Higurashi fans looking for a bit more comedy featuring these iconic horror characters.

Fifteen Minutes Before We Really Date

By Perico

Yuki and Natsuna live in the same apartment complex and have been childhood friends for ten years. One day on the way home, with their high school graduation fast approaching, they make a decision on a whim—to start dating! In the fifteen minutes before things get a little more serious, will their friendship finally blossom into love…?

Fifteen Minutes Before We Really Date is an adorable slice-of-life romance between two childhood friends, complete in six volumes.

Agent of the Four Seasons

By Kana Akatsuki

From the creator of Violet Evergarden comes a story about the four seasons.

In a world where the only season is winter, the creation of spring chips away at the solitary lifestyle of those enduring the cold. Before long, in accordance with the earth’s wishes, summer and fall are born, and the four seasons are complete. The one who carries the burden of the cycle is called the “Agent of the Four Seasons.” Now, one young goddess—granted spring by the god of the four seasons and called “Daisy” by her mother—holds that sense of purpose to her chest with pride. However, spring disappeared from this land ten years ago, and she must overcome hardship, fight back against disgrace, and return to the current god. Like a legend, the deepest part of her heart sends love to winter.

Featuring Violet Evergarden’s author Kana Akatsuki’s brilliant writing, worldbuilding, and character drama, Agent of the Four Seasons is a romance novel that topped the New Title category in Takarajimasha’s 2022 This Light Novel Is Amazing! (Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!) guidebook.

The on-sale date for Fruits Basket: Complete Anime Natsuki Takaya Illustrations will be announced at a later date. The other five titles are scheduled for a November 2023 release.

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