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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Episodes #18 – 19 Anime Review

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© Sotsu / Sunrise

What They Say:
Our Empty Selves

“Defeated in a duel, Suletta has suddenly lost both Miorine and the Aerial. To shake off her sadness she throws herself into school life. Miorine is getting ready for the presidential election, just as she promised Prospera. But she is clearly worried as Shaddiq takes the lead.”

Not the Best Way

“Descending to Earth with the Aerial, Miorine holds discussions with the Earthians leading the protests. Given the grim situation on the ground, it seems peaceful negotiations will be almost impossible. Meanwhile, the members of Earth House are unable to cheer up the despairing Suletta..”

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
We reached the point where an ungodly amount of shit has hit the ceiling. There is no way back to that happy school life that we were promised as war is about to shake the universe to its core. Prospera’s plan takes the first stage as she starts a war on Earth and makes Miorine the public face behind the war. Snakes are bound to bite you and there is no end to their venom. There are no redeeming qualities to Prospera as she waited and made the perfect moment to strike out at all of those wrong her. One of the last scenes in episode 19 involving a child is heartwrenching to watch. Warfare is bad and having mecha suits and Gundam added to the equation only multiplies the damage to infinity.   

© Sotsu / Sunrise

Kindness through cruelty is a complicated choice but it’s just what the show needed. Eri and Miorine rejected Suletta to protect her from the coming tragedy. Miorine and Aerial, who ends up being Eri, take the hardest road to give Suletta a future. Even Prospera has a moment to reflect if she is doing what is best for Suletta. They are all doing their scheming to wrong the evils of the wrong. Even though, they are just adding to the evils of the world. It doesn’t make things any better for anyone and just adds to the torment that Suletta experiences.  

© Sotsu / Sunrise

Suletta completely hit rock bottom and this could be her ticket to the center stage. A clear consequence of Miorine’s actions is that she is going to hit brick bottom. There is no easy way to recover from that. She seeks any sense of normality that she had before but it doesn’t exist anymore. The school life that she dreamed of has been ravaged by the embers of war. And to add a graver injury to an already critical injury, she is rejected by Aerial and Eri who reveals just enough of the truth to Suletta. Suletta isn’t actually Prospera’s daughter but a clone of Eri who was created for Prospera’s grand master plan. The truth of the universe is beginning to unravel itself in front of Suletta. Suletta has to find a new emotional source for her existence. That could make this fall all the more glorifying to see.   

© Sotsu / Sunrise

Speaking of grand master plans, it seems that Miorine might have bitten off more than she could chew. Her dream of going to Earth has turned into the greatest of tragedies. She had the right intentions but took action in the worst possible ways. She and Guel teamed up to right the wrongs of the world but that was never a simple process. Her actions and innocence have led her to be trapped by her own design. Each corner has more secrets than she could handle.          

Prospera is no hero and doesn’t even want to be seen as one but is she just a result of the environment around her? She unleashes a war on Earth. Nothing about her actions is meant for the forces of good. But as she wreaks havoc on Earth, she forces the shadows of the corners to unveil themselves. She is the big bad of the series but is she just a placeholder villain for these new unknown forces? If this is the route that this show is going to take, then I am a tad worried about how this show could take this route. Prospera has been a great villain and has been pushing the high schoolers and the other families to their limits. I don’t think it would be great to have a new villain with little history take her place.   

In Summary
Witch From Mercury fully embodies what it means to be a Gundam series. Peace is a carefully crafted lie meant to hurt people. People make mistakes and there is very little room to recover from them. The recovery is a hard road filled with nothing but a void and very few can escape from it. Everyone’s roads are being crafted by Prospera and the who is bound for an exciting next couple of episodes as they have to deal with the latest incident.  

Grade for Episode 18: B

Grade for Episode 19: A

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