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Frontier Works Schedules ‘Ashita no Nadja’ Anime SDBD Box Set

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Ashita no NadjaThe last time we talked about this show was in 2015 when Frontier Works scheduled a DVD box set release for Ashita no Nadja. The distributor brought out the set which had seven discs and was priced at 35,640 yen. The seventh disc will contain the extras, which include the clean opening and closing as well as revealing that it will have the 96-minute English dub version that was produced previously. The set will come with a booklet.

Now, the distributor is back to try and sell the show once again, this time with an SDBD box set. Scheduled for a July 26th, 2023 release, it’ll be priced at 20,000 yen when it lands. It’ll be a two-disc set that covers the full run with the audio in mono as expected. no extras are listed at the moment for it.

Originally airing in 2003 to 2004 for fifty episodes, the series was overseen by Takuya Igarashi as the main director and included episode directors such as Mamoru Hosoda and Shigeyasu Yamauchi. Based on the original work by Izumi Toudou, the series composition was done by Tomoko Konparu with Kazuto Nakazawa handling the character designs. Toudou’s companion manga series ran for just twelve chapters, or two volumes worth, throughout 2003 just as the anime was airing.

Plot concept: This story takes place about one hundred years ago. Nadja is a bright, cheerful girl who was raised in an orphanage near London, England. Nadja was entrusted to the orphanage when she was a baby. So she thought her father and mother were dead. But before her thirteenth birthday, she found out that her mother might be alive..

Nadja sets out on a journey to find her mother! With all of Europe as the stage, Nadja’s exciting adventure begins!

2016 DVD Release Packaging:

Ashita no Nadja DVD Box Packaging
Ashita no Nadja DVD Box Packaging

Ashita no Nadja DVD Box 1

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