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Skip and Loafer Episode #07 Anime Review

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© 高松美咲・講談社 / 「スキップとローファー」 製作委員会

“Hectic and Hot Stuff”

What They Say:
This country girl is ready for the big city! Well, at least she thought she was. Mitsumi’s dream is to attend a prestigious school and make the world a better place. But when she finally gets to Tokyo, it turns out she isn’t exactly prepared for city life. Luckily, she runs into Shima, a sweet and handsome classmate who becomes her first friend! Can she make it in Tokyo with Shima by her side?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
With time moving forward well here, the opening reveals that it’s now July and the term finals are behind everyone. It’s welcome to skip over the tension of that part of things and some of the usual drama of it as Skip and Loafer have other areas it can better explore what’s going on. And for Mitsumi, it’s definitely giving her some pep in her step as there are student council things to deal with as well, but also just the whole idea of being in Tokyo for the summer and all that it entails is percolating in her mind as well. It’s important to remember just how much shellshock there is for her in coming from such a small rural village to someplace like this. It’s not delved into much in the show proper but you have to feed that into understanding how Mitsumi views things.

With Mitsumi now in the student council, there’s the potential for being better heard going forward which is certainly fun but we’re also in that quieting down phase after the exams so it’s being kept simple and mellow while dealing with things like clean-up and the like. What we do get is a bit of a look back at some other recent events, such as how the third-years were going through the motions to wrap up things for what comes next and the minor relationship dynamics that exist there. There’s some fun with the ay it plays out and the mild gossiping that comes from it, especially in the jockeying for position. It’s something that most take in stride but Mitsumi gets pretty invested in it and in supporting Takamine because she views her as similar to herself in a way with how invested she is in doing right by the school. It’s fun little bits of high school drama in its own way, though it shows what they go through in order to succeed where they want – and how they handle failure.

The episode has its diversions as always, but it spends a good bit of time between Mitsumi and Takamine and that helps to humanize Takamine more. She comes across as the pretty driven type and something that Mitsumi will emulate, but doing this helps to smooth things out for the future. Thankfully, we do get time with more of the cast in the back half and I like seeing the girls trying to figure out things to do this summer, which has the idea of a sleepover being put together. Mika’s surprised she’s included but I love how Makoto is just someone who never expected such a thing to happen. It’s a fun group dynamic that comes together, especially in the way at times it has Shima interacting with them in different ways and lots of time with just Mitsumi. And that includes setting some time together as well though things are still in a place where she just thinks of him as a really fun friend. But her subconscious gets in the mix as she ends up intending to invite him to the zoo as part of a group but asks just him, which he’s more than happy with. It’s such delightful simple chaos of youth.

In Summary:
While not the strongest of the season overall, a lot of stuff gets accomplished across the episode. I like that we’ve moved through the first semester pretty well and are moving into the summer so we can shake things up a bit. The time between Mitsumi and Takamine is pretty solid and it gives Takamine a bit more to work with so that she’s not just this one thing we’ve mostly seen her as. And it speaks well to Mitsumi as well. The better parts for me involve the girls planning a sleepover and how they all react there – Yuzuki, in particular, makes me smile – while also seeing how Mitsumi essentially accidentally asks Shima out on a friend-date that is going to be complicated to watch unfold. It’s a lot of fun and just makes me smile across the board to see what will happen next.

Grade: B+

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