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RetroCrush Adds ‘Mazinkaiser SKL’ Anime Streaming

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With a DVD and Blu-ray release out there for the Mazinkaiser SKL OVA anime series, the show is now getting some expanded distribution. The Mazinkaiser SKL is now streaming on the RetroCRush service for members in its original Japanese language with English subtitles. The show presents some very fun big giant robot action with the classic ’70s designs updated for more modern tastes in a great way and is worth checking out since you don’t even require an account to watch it.

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Plot concept: Above Japan waits Remuria, a colossal floating island leftover from the last world war. It’s a lawless wasteland of robot super-weapons from a forgotten age of military might. Receiving word that the unstable island’s reactors might explode and vaporize Japan at any time, the Japanese government awakens the most destructive force ever devised: MazinKaiser!