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Skip and Loafer Episode #06 Anime Review

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© 高松美咲・講談社 / 「スキップとローファー」 製作委員会

“Drizzling and Flickering”

What They Say:
This country girl is ready for the big city! Well, at least she thought she was. Mitsumi’s dream is to attend a prestigious school and make the world a better place. But when she finally gets to Tokyo, it turns out she isn’t exactly prepared for city life. Luckily, she runs into Shima, a sweet and handsome classmate who becomes her first friend! Can she make it in Tokyo with Shima by her side?

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
I really enjoyed the previous episode with its focus on Mika as she ended up helping Mitsumi with the whole volleyball experience. Fleshing out Mika was definitely welcome so that her mean girl kind of mental image of herself wasn’t the only thing we saw. We knew there’d be more to it but it was handled well in highlighting some of her past and the way life has put her in the mindset of essentially torturing herself in order to fit into this unrealistic model of what it means to be a young woman in society. It’s handled well with what it wants to cover in the show while also giving us a look at someone like Mitsumi who has been less exposed to this kind of mindset and just how different she is.

Not that Mitsumi is immune from pressure as the episode opens with her friend from back home revealed that they’re in love, which makes her feel left behind. Add in that she’s walking to school on a rainy day and everything is just increasing that feeling. Thankfully, she can focus on her studies and upcoming tests, but even that takes a hit with Shima being out sick. While this initially runs through a few different things, the main focus is on Shima being out for a couple of days and Mitsumi learning how he’s always kind of done this with a number of things over the years where it might not make an impact. This causes her some amusing nightmares of him dropping out and becoming a biker that plays out hilariously. It’s interesting to see how much this impact her and how his return, seeming like nothing has happened, gets under her skin. It creates the first bit of friction and tension between the two even though he’s a little oblivious to it. Her cold shoulder is pretty cold, however.

The two end up having a fairly serious conversation but there are misunderstandings in the mix as he talks about how tests aren’t that important and you get the sense that the plan for his life is different in a way than she can think of or understand without it being said plainly. Watching how later we see that Shima is pretty aware of what he did and that it’s not great, it again highlights just how different they are but also that his way of viewing things isn’t the “norm” in a way and it’s only going to cause problems. It’s a kind of detachment that’s frustrating in reality and keeps people from getting close. The show takes a kind of leisurely route to getting where it wants to go here but having Shima start talking about his past a bit and to try and allay some of Mitsumi’s fears because of how his actions impacted her – and her view of him – is nicely done because it has that kind of authentic feel. Shima doesn’t come across as just like every other male lead and he’s even more nuanced than the ones that are a bit off the beaten path. It makes for a far more engaging experience.

In Summary:
Skip and Loafer has a good episode that is primarily focused on Mitsumi and Shima where there’s actual tension between them. It may be the first time that the tension bothers Shima enough that he tries to correct it and make sure he’s understood instead of being passive-aggressive, and realizing he was being so. It’s good to see because at the same time, Mitsumi needed to realize that not everyone is on the same kind of path that she is when it comes to what she’s getting out of school and what waits for her on the other side of her educational path. With some good sequences of animation and mood created – especially thanks to the rain – it’s a solidly enjoyable growth piece.

Grade: B+

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