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Pony Canyon Reschedules 2n ‘Farming Life in Another World’ Anime Blu-ray Box Set

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© Kinosuke Naito / Farmers In Another World Production Committee

The anime adaptation of  Farming Life in Another World saw a January 6th, 2023 debut and now the home video release side is being set in Japan. The twelve-episode series is set for two Blu-ray box sets of six episodes each that arrive on April 19th, 2023 and May 24th, 2023 where they’ll be priced at 18,000 yen each.

With the first set just out, we now have a look at the cover artwork for it below. But we also have news that the second set, scheduled for a May 24th, 2023 release, has now been bumped back to June 21st, 2023. Check out the details below for each set as known so far.

Ryoichi Kuraya directed it based on the series composition by Touko Machida. Yoshiko Saito is on board as the character designer and chief animation director with Zero-G handling the animation production.

The Japanese cast includes Atsushi Abe as Hiraku Machio, Shino Shimoji as Ruu, Aya Suzaki as Tia, Lynn as Ria, Yukiyo Fujii as An, Miyu Tomita as Flora, Natsumi Hioka as Lasutis Moon, and Machiko as Sena.

The opening theme is done in-character by Shino Shimoji and Aya Suzaki with “Flower Ring” while the ending theme is from Yui Hizuki with “Feel the winds.”

The manga from Kinosuke Naito began in 2016 with twelve novels out so far and ongoing. A manga adaptation began in 2017 with eight volumes out in Japan. One Peace Books releases the manga in English.

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: Life cut short by illness at just 39 years old, Machio Hiraku knows not to take simple blessings for granted. When a godlike figure gives him given a chance to live again, Hiraku has only the simplest of wishes for his new life: to be healthy, to live peacefully, to speak the local language, and to spend his days on an idyllic farm. Fresh air, sunshine, honest work, and good company combine to form the happy, peaceful existence Hiraku has always dreamed of.​

Volume Date Extras
1 04/19/23 Booklet, TBA
2 06/21/23 Booklet, TBA
Farming Life in Another World Japanese Box Set 1 Cover

[Source: Isekai Nonbiri]