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Crunchyroll Streams The 1st ‘Tales of Luminaria the Fateful Crossroad’ Anime Episode On YouTube

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A new series in our future.
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Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed that their Tales of Luminaria smartphone game is getting an anime adaptation with the name Tales of Luminaria the Fateful Crossroad. The upcoming anime series will feature animation produced by Kamikaze Douga with Funimation on board for streaming and a dub.

With the series previously seeing a January 21st, 2022 debut in Japan, Crunchyroll was one of the services that streamed it. While it’s been over and done for some time, they’re now trying to draw some eyes to it as they’ve added the first episode in its English dubbed form to check out below.

The series is directed by Shiori Kato and Midori Kato based on the script by Yoriko Tomita. Shun Saeki handled the character designs for it.

The Japanese and English cast includes:

  • Ryohei Arai/Aaron Dismuke as Leo Fourcade
  • Miho Okasaki/Cristina Vee as Celia Arvier
  • Dawn M. Bennett as Michelle Bouquet
  • Suzie Yeung as Yelsy Tw’Elteu Huainaz’jin
  • Jamie Marchi as Vanessa Morax
  • Micah Solusod as Lucien Dufaure
  • Ricco Fajardo as Maxime Hasselmans
  • Colleen Clinkenbeard as Lisette Regnier
  • Kaito Takeda/Eric Vale as Hugo Simon
  • J. Michael Tatum as August Wallenstein
  • Caitlin Glass as Alexandra von Sonne
  • Christopher R. Sabat as Bastien Forge
  • Monica Rial as Laplace
  • Daman Mills as Gaspard Herbet
  • Bryn Apprill as Amelie Laurence
  • Clifford Chapin as Falk
  • Jason Liebrecht as Edouard Rouquier
  • Cherami Leigh as Lydie Delacroix
  • Brandon Potter as Raoul
  • Megan Shipman as Ana-Maria Marschner
  • Brittney Karbowski as Charles

Check out the official site and Twitter.

Plot Concept: An epic Tale that unfolds from 21 different points of view. 21 vibrant protagonists meet, clash over opposing justice, forge bonds, and grow as people. Play through each character’s journey to reveal their motivations and uncover hidden truths behind world events in a deep, layered narrative

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