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Kiss Me Again Hentai Manga Review

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Sometimes you have to show interest in the worst way.

Creative Staff
Story/Art: Nicoby

What They Say:
Is there a bluebird of happiness?

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers):
Originally serialized in Comic Kairakuten BEAST from the April 2023 installment, Kiss Me Again is a twenty-six-page story from creator Nicoby, who has almost two dozen or so other works on the service. Nicoby caught my eye originally with a volleyball chapter and there’s some obvious fun there but it also has some mild yuri leanings that it doesn’t engage with but teases nicely. Another one I tried was something related to acting and enjoyed it enough to keep them on my notifications list. I still haven’t had that chapter that just demands that I follow them slavishly but part of the fun is discovering that chapter eventually and being all in.

The premise for this one introduces us to a pair of office workers with Emi and our nameless male lead. The two are pretty good friends who go out drinking together and she gives him grief over the way his online dating profile is pathetic. The two end up sharing a ride together after a night out and he drunkenly makes a pass at her and kisses her, which surprises her though she was clearly interested. The problem is that he has no recollection of that and she gives him the cold shoulder at work for the next week until he offers to buy her a new panda stuffie as he knows that’s something she really likes. It’s enough to thaw things out a bit between them and to spend some time together – and to get her a giant panda stuffie that he has to lug back to her place for her since it’s so big.

She reveals then that he had kissed her since she forgot, but she also indicates that they did a lot more, which confuses him since he thought she had a boyfriend and is upset with himself over this. But it’s just her inability to communicate interest here, and she basically makes clear in her tsundere ways that she wants him and the two get into things quickly. It’s pretty fun overall even if the way she’s “mean” with him doesn’t work for me as Nicoby’s artwork has a lot of appeal and the way she’s resistant to everything while also wanting more of it makes for some fun back and forth. Our nameless lead handles himself well as she finally just makes it all clear what she wants – even to be kissed, which she struggled with at first – and it turns into a pretty enthusiastic session. It’s just that tsundere way stands out in a big way here.

In Summary
The general idea here is a good if familiar one and the artwork has a lot going for it. I’m not a fan of stories with main characters not being named, though I understand the why of it with the whole self-insert aspect. But I still don’t care for it. I’m not a huge fan of the tsundere thing in general and a bit less so with hentai because it just leads to some uncomfortable situations, such as how she lies to him here about things that you should never lie about. The two do make for an interesting pairing overall and their time together once they get past some of the problematic stuff is a lot of fun, though it left me wanting to see a more comfortable version of Emi in a relationship than this version of her.

Content Grade: B+
Art Grade: B+
Text/Translation Grade: B+

Age Rating: 18+
Released By: FAKKU
Release Date: April 2023
MSRP: FAKKU Subscription