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New Manga This Week (28 Releases)

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What new releases are on your must-have list?

It’s the first week of the month for new manga and novel releases and there’s a lot to choose from. This week brings us twenty-six new manga volumes to check out and to the shelves as well as two new light novels/novels to dig into. What books will you be adding to your collection?

  1. Attack on Titan Manga Omnibus Volume 10
  2. Avatar The Last Airbender Chibis Manga Volume 1 (Hardcover)
  3. Bite Maker The King’s Omega Manga Volume 7
  4. Cinderella Closet Manga Volume 1
  5. Dr. STONE Manga Volume 25
  6. GAME Between the Suits Manga Volume 3
  7. Kaguya-sama Love Is War Manga Volume 25
  8. Let’s Buy the Land and Cultivate It in a Different World Manga Volume 3
  9. Lovesick Ellie Manga Volume 9
  10. Might as Well Cheat: I Got Transported to Another World Where I Can Live My Wildest Dreams! Manga Volume 5
  11. Moriarty the Patriot Manga Volume 11
  12. My Love Mix-Up! Manga Volume 7
  13. My Sister The Cat Manga Volume 2
  14. One Piece Manga Volume 102
  15. Please Go Home Miss Akutsu! Manga Volume 1
  16. Quality Assurance in Another World Manga Volume 1
  17. Rainbow Days Manga Volume 3
  18. Romantic Killer Manga Volume 3 (Color)
  19. She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man Manga Volume 8
  20. Snow White with the Red Hair Manga Volume 24
  21. Sweat and Soap Manga Box Set 2
  22. The Knight Blooms Behind Castle Walls Manga Volume 2
  23. Tista Manga Volume 1
  24. World End Solte Manga Volume 2
  25. Daigo The Beast Umehara Fighting Gamers Manga Volume 5
  26. Gacha Girls Corps Manga Volume 3


  1. Irina The Vampire Cosmonaut Novel Volume 4
  2. The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash Novel Volume 3