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New ‘One Piece Log Collection’ Anime For Oden Arc Scheduled

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© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha · Fuji Television · Toei Animation

Avex Pictures is working on its various collections for the One Piece series with a new one coming up that revolves around the Oden arc. These releases rarely chart well in terms of sales, mostly because the sheer amount of them makes owning the series problematic outside of the hardcore collectors, but the one-offs like this can sometimes do well in a more casual sense. This one arrives on July 28th, 2023 for 11,500 yen with episodes 966 through 976 of the storyline in standard definition form on DVD.

Series premise: Enter Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy that defies your standard definition of a pirate. Rather than the popular persona of a wicked, hardened, toothless pirate who ransacks villages for fun, Luffy’s reason for being a pirate is one of pure wonder; the thought of an exciting adventure and meeting new and intriguing people, along with finding One Piece, are his reasons of becoming a pirate. Following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Luffy and his crew travel across the Grand Line, experiencing crazy adventures, unveiling dark mysteries and battling strong enemies, all in order to reach One Piece.

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